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Fashion Blogging Tips

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Fashion Blogging Tips

I've been writing for two years now and I've learnt an awful lot. I lot of people will constantly type in on google 'fashion blogging tips' as they want to become the next big fashion blogger as quick as they can. I get loads of emails on a regular basis from young girls who'll want advice on what to do and how to get into blogging.
I'm obviously just giving tips on the things I've learnt over the years. (I'm not saying this is right or the way to do it as there is no 'way' but these are just a few ideas and bits of information you might find helpful!)

1. Get your blog a Twitter Account - you can follow me @fashiontrain & @fashiontrainfix

A twitter account will allow you to blog about all things fashion and what interests you the second it happens (and also tweet your daily ramblings too but not too personal!) keep it business friendly. I like to tweet about what programmes i'm watching, my latest fashion must haves, food and the movies i'm off to watch!

2. Self Promote

I suppose if you are passionate about blogging and truely love what you are doing you'll be promoting yourself already but sometimes you need that little push!
- link your latest blog posts to your twitter
- tell your fashion obsessed friends about your blog
- tell your family and get their support
- link your latest post to all your social networks (word and mouth is a beautiful thing too).

With my blog I've not had anywhere near as much press as some bloggers I know and have met. Some I know get so so many magazine features it's mad but I see it as It's like you've hit the jack pot if I retailer wants to feature you on their website, or blog for them it really is. I have got to where I am today mainly through word and mouth (friends of friends reading my blog) and handing out business cards!

3. Have good clear (and normally large photos). When I first started blogging... I didn't know how anything worked so my photos were absolutely tiny and uploaded through the blog photo uploader. As time went on I discovered tinypic and photobucket (work wonders they do!) and now my pictures I just the size how I want them!

4. Don't be afraid to experiment - So many blogs i've come across are the same every single post... so predictable. I personally really don't think it keeps your readers interested and wanting to come back for more.

I blog about whatever's inspiring me that day and whoever's inspiring me for example my new 'Style Crush' feature. I really do try my best to have a large variety of posts on my blog. Competitions, Inspiration posts, outfit posts, my latest fashion must-haves, the latest clothing stores to buy from and a bit of celebrity fashion gossip too!

5. Stay grounded - you never know whats going to happen with your blog. I have met bloggers which have changed within the space of 6 months they've gone from being lovely and friendly to not making an effort as they class themselves as a 'big blogger'.

I'm just a student who loves Fashion. I'm grateful for all the opportunities I get from writing my blog and I know it's helping me for the future. No matter what happens I'm going to stay grounded. I say this now as I've seen what happens when you don't. I live in the country and so I am so glad I don't live the busy life style some London Bloggers do. As it's so easy to get caught up in everything

I write my blog as I've been obsessed with everything fashion for about 7 years now and my friends were fed up with me talking about fashion all the time! I am so so glad so many of you love reading and that some of you have been loyal readers for a while too!

I hope 2012 brings more opportunities and lots of lovely blog posts and hopefully some more readers and followers too. If you ever have a fashion query/question don't be afraid to tweet me @fashiontrain & @fashiontrainfix and to email me at!

Hope this post has been helpful, let me know your thoughts!



Anita said...

Happy New Year! You've got a lovely blog :)

nikkistyle said...

Good read ;-)

sophie xxx said...

That is really helpfull, i'm just trying to get into blogging so thanks for that post! :)

jennifer june said...

Loved reading this post, I am very new to blogging and originally thought I'd be bloging about beauty but recently I find myself wanting to talk and write about fashion. I still have some beauty posts as I enjoy it, and don't want every post to be clothes or jewellery. Beauty items sometimes make an outfit fab anyway, like a bold lipstick or some insane lashes.

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great tips! :)

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